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Introducing "Accoya" Modified Timber

Updated: May 29, 2021

Not one to be left behind, we have begun to offer our windows and doors in this new wonder material.

Accoya is a modified timber which has undergone a process known as "acetylation" which, to you and I, can be thought of as a pickling process.

Contrary to the somewhat intimidating science jargon above, this process is not harmful to the environment at all, and thankfully, nor is it harmful to the lungs of your friendly neighbourhood joiner! Accoya fully complies with all of the sustainability requirements laid out by the FSC.

Now, let me explain the benefit of this timber; that it is practically impervious to rot, so much so that Accoya is warrantied to withstand up to 25 YEARS submerged in fresh water or buried in the ground, and an astonishing 50 years above ground!

Accoya is also highly stable and resistant to swelling, contracting and twisting when in service.

Don't take my word for it, follow the links below and see it for yourself.

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